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About Us

Abani Living is a platform where we aspire to deliver perfection. The intention is to showcase avant-
garde products sourced from different parts of the world. We promise you a full experience of luxury along with richness and elegance.

Our vision is to deliver diverse and befitting products to our audience and empower them through the same. We strive to be available to us customers everywhere and every time. The main aim is to transform spaces into pieces of ‘ART’. We plan to assist you in creating a tailored space that caters to your needs.

Abani Living is a part of Affy Group of Companies which was founded in 1996. Over the past few
years Affy has made its mark in the pharma sector and established itself as a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer and made its presence in the world. It is a reputed company with a turnover of 1 billion (INR). Our goal throughout the organization has been to provide people with products which is value for money. We strive to do the same at Abani Living.